Celebrating the completion of a lifelong goal, remembering happy family times, or reliving your favorite vacation spot, one-of-a-kind artwork keeps the joy alive day-to-day. Call or email us to discuss your custom painting.

Everest Base Camp Painting

Celebrating checking off a bucket list item of hiking to Everest Base Camp

The Bears Den Painting

The accomplishment of finally building your dream house in the mountains

Hurricane Ridge Ornament

Family memory of father and daughter hiking Hurricane Ridge

Holly and Christian Wedding Painting

A custom painting for a destination wedding

The McConnell's Painting

Whether your wedding locale or a favorite family destination, a unique painting will become a treasured heirloom.

GreenBluff Painting

Wedding venue with Mount Spokane

Santa Barbara Custom Letters

Happy times in a favorite place

Santa Barbara Dolphin Painting Inspiration
Santa Barbara Courthouse Painting Inspiration
Santa Barbara Pelican Painting Inspiration

Inspiration for some of the Santa Barbara paintings